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Step 1: Complete The Contracting Checklist


Producer Contracting Checklist

Step 2: Review Additional Requirements

  • Annuities and LTC: Be sure that any state mandated continuing education is current. Many states require follow up C.E. every 2 years. Applications from agents with non-current C.E. will be rejected and returned to the carriers as mandated by the Department of Insurance in that state.

  • Annuities: According to NAIC Model Regulation 275, each agent is required to complete product specific training modules through each insurance carrier prior to the date of an annuity application. Applications from agents who have not completed the training will be rejected and returned by the carriers, according to each state’s requirements.

There are 10 carriers that require training in all states: American Equity, Athene Annuity, Equitrust, Fidelity & Guarantee, ING USA, Lafayette Life, National Western, and North American.

State Requirements

Annuity Product Training Links

Step 3: Submit Completed Contracting Checklist

Simply follow the instructions on the first page of the checklist, including filling out all applicable pages of the checklist.  Then submit your completed checklist in either typed (PDF) or hand written fashion to the LFC Contracting Team.


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